Saratoga Springs: Olde Bryan’s Inn

When I was first told I was going to Saratoga Springs I began to research some of the local places or places locals said were just a great place to eat. One of those places is Olde Bryan’s Inn or known by the locals, OBI. OBI was first a crude log cabin once owned by a mister Dirck Schoughten, who after building his log cabin left abruptly that same summer. (It is said it was due to the Native Americans losing trust and favor of him…I kind of wonder what push the limit for them to do that, eh?)

But how did it get its name of Olde Bryan’s Inn? Well, the answer to this question is actually thanks to OBI who actually has little sheets of paper of the history of the OBI. The answer is in 1787 Sam Norton’s son (Sam Norton fled during the Revolutionary War when Burgoyne, known as Gentlemen Johnny was advancing towards the establishment, once the hostilities stilled Sam’s son took over) sold the Inn to Gilbert Morgan who then in turn sold it to a Revolutionary War hero by the name, Alexander Bryan.

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The stone building you see now is not the original structure that Alexander Bryan bought, that in fact was built by Alex’s son, John to be used as a single family residence. (The actual structure is on the exact site where the Inn use to be that was run by his father, Alex.) Through three families it stood as a home, but in 1979 was purchased by two men who in turn restored it to the original structure. Then in 1981 they began to run it as ‘Olde Bryan Inn’.

When you first visit you wonder: where do the heck do I park?!  Thankfully, if you see the signs they will direct you to the parking area you can use. When entering OBI there are a few things that you notice:

  1. It is a small entrance and exit, which means it will be crowded, so I suggest if you are able let the elderly and handi-cap before you.
  2. You will see pieces of paper that speak of the history of the inn and another that tells of the ghost tales of the inn.
  3. Their menu is right there to see, including the daily things on the menu. I suggest while you let those people that I mention to go first look at the menu.

The structure has that old feel to it, the floor boards actually sink slightly as you walk on them. As a history major I love touching and viewing history. OBI has a mixture of booths and table & chairs; also they have an outdoor setting too. (I would highly recommend if you wish to have booths to please ask them to give you such.)

The OBI waiters/waitresses are kind and informative. One the awesome things I learned about this place is for someone like me who is not a big fan of cooked veggies you can ask they bring you raw veggies instead. (An awesome plus for me!)

Here comes the most important part food and prices. While many of the items are expensive for my taste, there are many other items from their regular menu that are price at a more average rate. I had their traditional Country Fried Chicken, while my husband has the Oven Roasted Turkey Dinner. (Both of which cost from the range 14.99-16.99) I cannot give the full detail opinions he had on his dinner, but he loved it. The Country Fried Chicken dinner was delicious; it had a touch of spice that just set it right with the side of actual mashed potatoes I felt I was eating a home-cooked meal by my Granny, it should be mentioned that every day they have a different veggie, so please ask them what it is. The meal hit the spot, with two chicken breasts, a serving spoonful of those mashed potatoes and a small handful of veggies.

For dessert my husband and I shared a dark chocolate torte. My husband got the complimentary coffee to go with his part of the dessert; he liked it so I would recommend if you like coffee try it.

One of the last things I need to mention about this place before I give out my rates for is this they will talk to you about a rewards system that they have placed at the restaurant; I would suggest you listen and ask questions about the program. Lastly, I would say if you are staying in Saratoga Springs to live for a good amount time get it, but if you are just visiting I would suggest you think about.

Overall, I found this lovely piece of history with not only a good atmosphere, but awesome food. This I highly recommend anyone to try especially if you are coming to Saratoga Springs.

Ratings (out of 5)

Site Location: 4-with the parking issue being the factor

Overall Appearance of Building: 5

Building Itself: 4-the entrance way is the only in and out way unless you use the outdoor venue so the crowdedness is a factor.

Service: 5

Food: 5

Price: 4-there are many items that are expensive, but others that are average pricing in my opinion.

Overall: 4.5

Until next time, happy eats!